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The process of retouching and renewing the external joints of brickwork is known as repointing. When a building exhibits masonry construction, There arise a need of repointing over a period of time. This is due to the climatic factors, weather changes and biological activities. The structure of chimney often exhibits brickwork. This means that over a certain period of time, the joints of brickwork weaken or deteriorate. This may be a consequence of weathering or decay which makes voids in the joints of brickwork.

If left unattended, these voids allow undesired traffic in the structure. This can be rain water, dust, or moist in any form. The entrance of water through these voids may cause serious damages because of free-thaw cycle or other modes of weathering. Hence, the need for repointing becomes inevitable.

Yes, we agree that a masonry building will be calling for repointing over a certain period of time. But chimneys are always in dire need of attention because they are part of exterior of a building. This makes them subject to climatic factors before the rest of the building. Because of their location, it becomes difficult to track the signs of damage.

All these elements make it all the more important to have your chimneys inspected at regular intervals. So that the damages can be controlled pre-emptively. Because timely chimney repointing can save you a lot of money while giving you the peace of mind that your chimney is safe and secure for the whole season.

Other than safety purpose, repointing of chimney is important because of aesthetic purpose. A chimney is part of a building’s exterior and damaged brickwork and loose mortar make your building look ugly and unattractive. It is even more important if your building has a period style because an unkempt chimney takes away the whole beauty of the building.

Hence chimney repointing assures that your chimney looks neat, tidy, presentable and attractive. Also, repointing is a great way to bring out the unique details of your chimney.

The years of experience in scaffolding, brickwork and repointing makes Cork Chimney Repair an expert in this field. It is not only the services for which you can seek Cork Chimney Repair. Rather, you can seek opinion of our specialists to find out what is the requirement of your structure; whether it needs mere repointing or rebuilding.

Don’t worry!! We have a team of expert on our penal and we don’t play the dirty game of ripping you off by suggesting to go for major rebuilds. Our professionals will inspect your chimney and give a clear picture of the condition of your chimney.

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