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A thin crack in your chimney capstone might lead to serious damages if it is left unattended. Quite often chimneys have gone beyond the stage of relining only because of a hair-thin crack, making it mandatory to get it repaired lest it becomes a dangerous structure for the surroundings. Water can run through the damaged cap and also seep into the crack, further widening it. The climatic factors, along with erosion, play their role and make it inevitable to get it repaired.

The capstone damage happens because of chimney fire or heat, but there could be other reasons like storm, snow, wind, bad craftsmanship. For such damages, there is always a need for scaffolding.

Cork Chimney Repair provides the services to repair and scaffold chimneys’ top. This type of repair is carried out using our highly skilled specialists. They include bricklayers, plasterers and roofers; who know the needs of repairing chimneys. For repairing chimneys, first, the chimney needs to be knocked down to a level below the roof level. So that it can be erected again.

Our specialists have many years of experience in chimney repairing and bricklaying in Cork and surrounding area. From minor repairs to the complex relining and scaffolding, Cork Chimney Repair does it all.  All of our services are provided in the given time frame while keeping the site neat. Chimney repairs include:

Crown Repair

Every chimney must have a cap or crown. A chimney without a cap is like having a large hole in your roof. This hole invites rain, birds and insects to get into your home. Chimney Repair Repair installs quality chimney caps with a lifetime warranty.

When the crown of a chimney is damaged, it can either be repaired by adding a resurfacing material and covering it with a layer of cement; or, the whole crown will be replaced or rebuilt.

Chimney Rebuilding in Cork

If the chimney has various faults, then instead of getting it repaired for each fault; it is more appropriate to get it rebuilt. Rebuilding the chimney will not only make your structure safer, but it would also save you cost for individual repairs.

Waterproofing Chimney

Most of the damages caused to your chimney result from poor waterproofing done with substandard material. This allows water and moisture to enter in the pores of chimney and spread. White stains and discolouring of masonry indicate dampness in the chimney. If such signs appear on your chimney, it is the best time to waterproof your chimney. Our chimney specialists waterproof the chimney with professional grade water repellent solution which protects the structure against moisture for 10 years. Also, they are here to give you professional tips to keep moist out of your chimneys.

Damper Repair

During summer, you don’t really need a chimney. It is better to seal your fireplace with damper. But, if the damper is not in good condition, then it can lead to many other problems. If the damper can’t function properly, it will trap the smoke inside the building. If the damper doesn’t seal, the heating system won’t work properly. Cork Chimney Repair can help you install an energy-efficient damper which takes care of this problem effectively.

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