Liquid Rubber Chimney Repair

Liquid Rubber Chimney Repair

Liquid Rubber provides an easy to apply seamless waterproof membrane that meets the ever increasing requirements of environmental and health and safety considerations in the industrial and commercial roofing industry. Liquid Rubber can be brush & roller applied. Liquid Rubber requires no primers or fleeces making it up to 5 times faster to apply versus some other systems. As a cold applied it sets as a single fully-bonded membrane with no joints or seams.

The key benefits of the Liquid Rubber System are:

  • Seamless Waterproofing
  • Fully Bonded
  • Brush & Roller/Spray Applied
  • No Flames
  • No Primers
  • Rust Prevention
  • Over Coating

Liquid Rubber eliminates the need for stripping old material providing an ideal over coating for most substrates including brick, concrete, metal and insulation boards for both chimney and roof installations. Furthermore, since Liquid Rubber fully bonds to the substrate it provides the ideal solution for rust prevention.

Liquid Rubber Chimney Repair in Cork

Liquid Rubber provides a rapid curing fully bonded seamless solution ideal for sealing chimneys and preventing water ingress causing untold damage to the roof below.

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