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Chimney Repair

A thin crack in your chimney capstone might lead to serious damages if it is left unattended. Quite often chimneys have gone beyond the stage of relining only because of a hair-thin crack, making it mandatory to get it repaired lest it becomes a dangerous structure for the surroundings. Water can run through the damaged cap and also seep into the crack, further widening it. The climatic factors in Cork and all surrounding area, along with erosion, play their role and make it inevitable to get it repaired.

Chimney Repointing

The process of retouching and renewing the external joints of brickwork is known as repointing. When a building exhibits masonry construction, There arise a need of repointing over a period of time. This is due to the climatic factors, weather changes and biological activities. The structure of chimney often exhibits brickwork. This means that over a certain period of time, the joints of brickwork weaken or deteriorate. This may be a consequence of weathering or decay which makes voids in the joints of brickwork.

Liquid Rubber Chimney Repair

Liquid Rubber provides an easy to apply seamless waterproof membrane that meets the ever increasing requirements of environmental and health and safety considerations in the industrial and commercial roofing industry. Liquid Rubber can be brush & roller applied. Liquid Rubber requires no primers or fleeces making it up to 5 times faster to apply versus some other systems. As a cold applied it sets as a single fully-bonded membrane with no joints or seams.

Leaking Chimney Repair

It’s raining outside and you happen to notice water dripping down the side of your fireplace. Upon closer inspection it appears to be coming from the ceiling. Since it appears to be a roofing problem, you may be inclined to call a roofer. But when you are experiencing chimney problems like a water leak, you should call a qualified chimney contractor - Cork Chimney Repair, not a roofer. While roofers do a great job repairing and replacing roofs, they don’t have the extensive knowledge required for chimney repairs.

Emergency Chimney Repair

Over time, your chimney can become damaged from fire, rain, wind, and other adverse weather conditions- especially in Cork! If it happens suddenly you could always call Cork Chimney Repair for emergency service. Whether your chimney has storm damage, frost damage or is simply in need of some careful restoration, we have the experience and skills to complete your works to the highest standards. Paramount are able to complete all aspects of chimney maintenance and repair as well as chimney replacement, re-pointing and stack restoration.

Chimney Maintenance

As experts in the field of chimney services, here at Cork Chimney Repair we recommend that chimneys, large or small, receive an annual review of any chimney maintenance work that needs to be completed. When it comes to caring for this essential part of our roofs across the country, we are firm believers that prevention is certainly better than cure. Regular chimney maintenance or minor chimney repairs can end up saving a considerable amount of money in the long run, so it is certainly worth finding a reliable chimney service to help get things underway.

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